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Don’t Let the Coaches Get You Down

As a kid, I once faced a challenging situation. I had years of softball experience under my belt already and was recruited to play on a travel team. The coaches however severely underestimated my talents and blindly sat me on the bench the entire season letting me go whole tournaments with just a couple at bats or just a few innings seen touching the grass in the outfield. I maintained my composure the whole season hoping to see more action but never did. Through time, I consistently showed my teamwork ethic, focus on the sport, and a humbled attitude towards the game. Eventually, I earned the coaches recognition as being a great athlete and became a starter. Years later, these same coaches now admit I’m one of their favorite past players to come through. I am even more humbled today knowing that as a child I faced such a difficult situation with dignity and still to this day hold respect from the people that I had to work so hard to earn it from.

To girls now playing the sport, never give up. Never let someone underestimate you and if they do take your time to prove them wrong. In the end, it’s an amazing feeling to completely change the assumptions someone has made upon you.

“If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. It’s the hard that makes it great.” – A League if Their Own



6 Fall Ball Must-Have Training Threads

  1. Under Armour Women’s Charged Cotton Storm Slub Pants – Cinched ankle design perfect for turning a normal pair of sweats into capris. Pants are also water resistant and has sweat wicking technology. Can be found at Under Armour, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Amazon.V5-1236054-001_LDF
  2. Classic Baseball Style Long Sleeve Shirt – 10 different colors in in 7 different sizes for $2.50. Who can pass up that deal? Can be found at Boombah.com8-13-2013 5-06-24 PM
  3. Easton Women’s Turboslot III Fastpitch Batting Glove – Perfect for cold weather hitting due to the extra padding. Can be found at Softball.com8-13-2013 5-09-29 PM
  4. Women’s “Easton Pro” Low Rise Softball Pants with Piping – No more granny pants during practice ladies! Softball pants made for girls  who play in this century have finally been made. Can be found at allsportsuniforms.net8-13-2013 5-15-25 PM
  5. Mizuno Wave Rider Indoor Training Shoes – Indoor training is right around the corner. Why not train with the same pair Jennie Finch takes to the gym with her? Can be found at Zappos.com2095110-p-MULTIVIEW
  6. Women’s Heatgear Sonic Long Sleeve – Sweat wicking and anit-microbial technology. Less chances for you to smell while training. Woot! Can be found at Under Armour and Amazon.V5-1233503-577_HTF

5 Items That Should Always Be in Your Bat Bag


  1. Some type of hat, visor, or sunglasses to block the sun.  Hats are the best option because they can always be used to block not only the sun, but also rain from your eyes. Sunglasses are handy for catchers to block dirt from flying into your eyes while catching.U1550
  2. Sunscreen  – You may not play softball forever but skin care while playing the game could carry with you for the rest of your life.  Preferably choose a sport block.  Spray-on sunblock is also very handy for sharing with your team.41MU1UiHHXL
  3. Water – Always remain hydrated.  Keep a bottle in your bag even if it’s empty.  You can usually find somewhere at a field to fill it with water if you are in desperate need to quench your thirst.Cascade-Sport-Bottle_3041_r
  4. Medical Tape – Medical tape is useful for many reasons.  You can tape up an injury or us it to cover blisters or new sliding burns.  You can also use it to tape up a bat grip real quickly, for a short time, if yours becomes loose and considered illegal to use. wet-pruf-tape-waterproof-adhesive-medical-tape
  5. Extra Pair of Socks – Keep an extra pair of socks in your bag to keep your feet dry and protected.  Morning games you will typically get a lot of dew on cleats while warming up.  Your feet can also get wet during rainstorms.  Holes in socks are also a pretty frequent occurrence in athletic socks, which can lead to blisters.  Make sure to bring an extra pair of socks if you don’t like wet feet or holes in your socks.


Photo credit: http://www.sportsunlimitedinc.com/baseballbags.html





1st Annual Danny Lansanah Celebrity Softball Game

DannyLan Charity Softball

The 1st Annual Danny Lansanah Celebrity Softball Game was held in Harrisburg, PA on Saturday, July 13th, 2013 at the Metro Bank Park.  The celebrity game was a charity event to help the Men of South East League Field Baseball League. “M.O.S.E.L.F. is a non-profit organization that caters to youth baseball throughout the entire Harrisburg area. T-ball, pony baseball, and senior baseball. M.O.S.E.L.F. provides services to some 450 children that participate in league programs, which encompass the North East, Boyer East, South East, and the Boys & Girls Club fields in Harrisburg. Youth Baseball in the city of Harrisburg had a void and M.O.S.E.L.F. filled this void for our community for over 20 years.”

I managed to get an inside scoop of the charity event due to my college roommate, Shaniqua, playing in the game. Shaniqua was brave enough to face these mammoth size athletes ranging from 200-300 pounds of muscle, at only 53 feet away on the pitcher’s mound.  To me, this sounds like a death trap; but from the pictures, it appears that she has survived and is living well!  Shaniqua battled inside the circle for half the game before moving to outfield.  She even faced the man-of-the-hour, Danny Lansanah, pitching enough junk to strike him out.

Shaq Pitching at Celeb Game

Four other locals were also given the chance to play with the well renowned athletes.  Though out the game ten players played the field in locations they thought the ball would be hit.  Even after standing anywhere on the field, it was still impossible to catch some of the balls hit such as the home run hit by Aaron Berry. Below is a list of all the athletes who participated in the event and many pictures.

Celebrities that played include:

  • Danny Lansanah – NFL Linebacker for the New York Jets
  • Aaron Berry- Jets
  • Adrian Robinson- Steelers
  • Jordan Hill- Seahawks
  • Morkeith Brown- Philadelphia Soul
  • Chris Franklin- Harlem Globetrotters
  • Gilbert Brown- Overseas B-Ball
  • Lawrence Hamm- Overseas B-Ball (part of Under Armour)
  • Robert McClain- Falcons
  • Marcus Easley- Bills
  • Kashif Moore- Steelers
  • Evan Rodriguez- Dolphins
  • Jack Crawford- Raiders
  • Mark Harrison- Patriots
  • Ryan Spadola- Jets
  • Kendall Gaskins- Bills
  • Brandon Copeland- Ravens
  • Ellis Lankster- Jets
  • Darrin Walls- Jets
  • Arthur Moats- Bills
  • Pharmacist- And 1 Street Baller
  • Big Mike- And 1 Street Baller
  • (And most importantly) My all-star roomie!

Shaq at Celebrity GameDanny Lan Softball GameCelebritySoftball2

CelebritySoftball CelebritySoftball4CelebritySoftball3Celebrity Softball Game

Interested in donating to the cause? Contact the event organizer at: http://lansanahcelebsoftballgame.eventbrite.com

Photo credit: twitter.com and Facebook.com

Add Softball Back into the Olympics Please!


Softball has been bundled with baseball for consideration to be added back to the 2020 Olympic Games.  Which probably brings you to many questions.  Below are Q&A pertaining to the upcoming decision.

What sports is Softball/Baseball competing with to get into the 2020 Olympics?

Wrestling and Squash

Who is making this decision?

The International Olympic Committee (IOC)

When will the decision be made?

September 2013

What are the decision factors going to be when comparing these sports?

  • Is the sport widely played? (Typical standard is about 80 countries need to be playing the sport. Luckily, softball is played in over 100 countries worldwide.)
  • What is the interest for the sport on a global basis?
  • Who is following the sport?
  • What is the sport’s television ratings at the Olympic Games?
  • How many tickets are sold?
  • Do the best players get the chance to play?
  • Has there been any drug problems in this sport?

What can softball do to increase awareness and interest?

  • Continue to promote softball and baseball for the September decision.
  • Support the World Baseball Softball Confederation Olympic Bid at http://playball2020.com/
  • Like the PlayBall2020 Facebook Fan Page and tell your friends to also! https://www.facebook.com/PlayBall2020
  • Promote key players so that there are more faces representing the sport.
  • Create special events that draw national interest and awareness.
  • Order a “Bring It Back” t-shirt to show your support at ow.ly/mIiCU 

Can softball keep reapplying to be added to the Olympics if it isn’t reinstated?

Yes, there is no limit on number of attempts. As the interest continues to grow, the sport will have a better chance to be reinstated.

Information based on article: http://espn.go.com/espnw/news-commentary/article/9325704/espnw-val-ackerman-chats-harvey-schiller-softball-latest-man-column

Photo credit: http://www.womenyoushouldknow.net/womens-softball-up-at-bat-for-the-2020-olympic-games/

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