Thank you for visiting my blog and wanting to know more about me! My name is Julia and I live in Roanoke, VA.   I am a retired D1 college softball player wanting to share useful information I have gathered along my softball career.  Hopefully this blog can help you out!  Please submit me ideas and questions if I am missing something you would like to know about.

Throughout the years, I played almost every position on the diamond depending on where the team needed me.  Therefore, I can be considered a utility player.  I switched to the left side of the plate in high school and became a slapper.  Bunting, dragging, power slapping, and etc. became one of my most cherished moments on the field.  The rush of beating a ball to first-base is incomparable (especially against UVA).  My favorite position on the field is shortstop which happens to be where I ended up in college.

Now I am a Project Manager at a university, a student working on an MBA, and a slowpitch softball player in my spare time.


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  • Jhannet

    Hi, I’ve been playing softball all my life. I’m 18 now and about to play at the collegiate level. Throughout high school during the off season I would of course not train as hard and kinda take it easy. This being only high school of course. I would come back to the new season a little out of shape and slower than the previous year. Since I am going to play at a higher level I know this isn’t the best approach and I should be training and keeping in shape during the summer. Could you by any chance lend some off season tips to staying fit and in good condition for when the school starts. My biggest problem is endurance and also a little weight gain. Particularly the bottom area (hips, butt, legs). But I’ve noticed I’m not alone in this. Endurance is a major thing and also alot of my team mates have bigger butts/thighs. Probably from the sport and the training we do. When you played did you suffer from loss of stamina during off season. Did you or do you have a larger butt? Any exercise to make it tighter or were you not worried about it as much? Any advice would be helpful. Thank you and love your blog!

  • Julia Pillow

    Thank you so much! This is a great question. I will write up some things that could help you out to prep for college!

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