Add Softball Back into the Olympics Please!


Softball has been bundled with baseball for consideration to be added back to the 2020 Olympic Games.  Which probably brings you to many questions.  Below are Q&A pertaining to the upcoming decision.

What sports is Softball/Baseball competing with to get into the 2020 Olympics?

Wrestling and Squash

Who is making this decision?

The International Olympic Committee (IOC)

When will the decision be made?

September 2013

What are the decision factors going to be when comparing these sports?

  • Is the sport widely played? (Typical standard is about 80 countries need to be playing the sport. Luckily, softball is played in over 100 countries worldwide.)
  • What is the interest for the sport on a global basis?
  • Who is following the sport?
  • What is the sport’s television ratings at the Olympic Games?
  • How many tickets are sold?
  • Do the best players get the chance to play?
  • Has there been any drug problems in this sport?

What can softball do to increase awareness and interest?

  • Continue to promote softball and baseball for the September decision.
  • Support the World Baseball Softball Confederation Olympic Bid at
  • Like the PlayBall2020 Facebook Fan Page and tell your friends to also!
  • Promote key players so that there are more faces representing the sport.
  • Create special events that draw national interest and awareness.
  • Order a “Bring It Back” t-shirt to show your support at 

Can softball keep reapplying to be added to the Olympics if it isn’t reinstated?

Yes, there is no limit on number of attempts. As the interest continues to grow, the sport will have a better chance to be reinstated.

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