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Baseball/Softball Halloween Costume Ideas!

Halloween is right around the corner and I know typical baseball/softball fans like to wait until the last minute to come up with a costume.  To make things easier, I have searched the internet far and wide to find some of the best baseball and softball related costumes.

  1. A League of the Their Own – Isn’t this just the cutest costume?  Plus the versatility! This costume can be worn individually, by couples, or even by a whole team.IMG_7379IMG_73807345139758_12c823d995_oA-League-of-Their-Own-Costumes
  2. Baseball/Softball Zombie – Put on an old uniform and add some zombie makeup! Perfect to hear some good screams for the night.  Costume is great for team bonding/collaboration. baseball eyesoftballSoftballteamPM741023baseball_zombie_closeup_thdbb35fc5b7029a22bec7fd6a506f9000810-19-2011-8-33-13-AM-9161736
  3. Baseball/Softball Trophy – Put on a uniform and spray yourself bronze. (I know everyone has secretly wanted an outfit like one of those statue street performers and here is your chance!)trophies2trophiesmvp_trophy1
  4. Baseball/Softball Card  – Or go even more crazy and turn your card into a cereal box.         IMG_6186topps-baseball-card-19571-597x800Holloween 2011 - costumes - Theos 3
  5. Vintage Baseball Player – Get a classic look and mimic some of the greats like Babe Ruth.bs2133746-0vintage628x471
  6. Go as an actual ball – This could get tricky!f0d4ff6ad2ff201b490cee0f1b00034ff927d61db97e10856744fe8716ee5acb
  7. Force your animal or kid to love baseball. Dress them up since they have no choice!9770-Baby-Baseball-Costume-large6a8ba18b5903a11e2cbfe789a1452144Baseball-cat-costume-500x326
  8. For cute team ideas, try these.44197f1d70dfcfaf687111300c1113d50d5626cf549d7dd896c8d2f74d332f04
  9. And finally, if all else fails, just get a super hero costume and own it.halloween_baseball_1111

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