Update on the World Cup of Softball VIII


Here’s an update on the World Cup of Softball VIII.  Australia and Puerto Rico are set to go to the Seed #5 v. Seed #4 game.  The winner of that game will progress to the Bronze Medal game.  The lose will be out of the tournament.  It is just a matter of tomorrow’s game, USA v. Puerto Rico, that will determine which team will have what place.  Japan is scheduled to play tonight against the USA at 8pm central-time.  The game will be the decider if Japan will be fighting for the Bronze Medal.  If Japan loses, they will be automatically set as Seed #3 and will be going straight to the Bronze Medal game.  If Japan wins, then the team will still be in a toss up between Canada, USA, and Japan to fight for the Gold Medal.  If Japan wins tonight, the USA will have to beat Puerto Rico tomorrow to insure a place in the Gold Medal game.  Below are the current team standings.

Canada  3-1

USA 2-0

Japan 2-1

Australia 1-3

Puerto Rico 0-3

Photo credit: twitter.com


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