The World Cup of Softball VIII


The World Cup of Softball launched yesterday with Japan taking a win over Australia and the US earning a win against Canada.  The tournament will be lasting four days from July 11-14th.  Even though one day is down, there are still 11 more exciting games to watch!  ESPN plans to show the USA Team where viewers can cheer the team on at the comfort of their home or even a sports bar. Woot!  Fans can also catch the games through live streaming and stat updates if the game is not shown on ESPN.

Teams participating this year include the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Puerto Rico.  The US is returning to the tournament as the defending champions.  Even though the tournament is numbered VIII, this will be its 7th run since 2005.  In 2008, the tournament was not held due to players participating in the Olympics.

The World Cup is being held at the well-known Oklahoma City stadium, the ASA Hall of Fame Stadium.  This is the same stadium where the NCAA Division I College Softball World Series is held,  as well as many other top softball tournaments.


Team USA has 18 strong players from all over the United States and 6 coaches. Hopefully, more information is posted for these players so that the viewers can learn more about them. Watching these mystery players in action is going to be exciting since they are some of the type players in the country.  Do not miss out on the action!

The team roster is shown below, as well as a tournament bracket and a chart showing previous tournament winners. Check them out and send any questions you have my way!


Valerie Arioto, California – 2012

Raven Chavanne, Tennessee – 2013

Lauren Chamberlain, Oklahoma – Jr.

Amanda Chidester, Michigan – 2012

Aimee Creger, Tulsa – Sr.

Amber Freeman, Arizona State – Jr.

Lauren Gibson, Tennessee – 2013

Taylor Hoagland, Texas – 2013

Nicole Hudson, Missouri – 2013

Destinee Martinez, Oklahoma – Sr.

Jessica Moore, Oregon – 2013

Michelle Moultrie, Florida – 2012

Sara Nevins, South Florida – Sr

Cheridan Hawkins, Oregon – Soph.

Kourtney Salvarola, South Florida – Sr.

Rhea Taylor, Missouri – 2011

Taylor Thom, Texas – Sr.

Lindsey Ziegenhirt, California – 2013

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Ken Eriksen (Tampa, Fla./head coach South Florida)

Asst. Coaches:

Laura Berg (Corvalis, Ore./head coach Oregon State)

Suzy Brazney (Huntington Beach, Calif./head coach Golden West College)

Howard Dobson (Orange, Texas/assistant coach LSU)

Karen Weekly (Edmonds, Wash./co-head coach Tennessee)

Mike White (Eugene, Ore./head coach Oregon)

World Cup Winners
Year Winning Team
2012 USA
2011 USA
2010 USA
2009 USA
2008 Not Played
2007 USA
2006 USA
2005 Japan

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